04 – Shape of Light


A photo of Shape of Light @ Tate.

Shape of Light @ Tate

“Shape of Light is the first major exhibition to explore the relationship between the two, spanning the century from the 1910s to the present day. It brings to life the innovation and originality of photographers over this period, and shows how they responded and contributed to the development of abstraction. Key photographs are brought together from pioneers including Man Ray and Alfred Stieglitz, major contemporary artists such as Barbara Kasten and Thomas Ruff, right up to exciting new work by Antony Cairns, Maya Rochat and Daisuke Yokota, made especially for the exhibition.” – From: https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/exhibition/shape-light

A photo of Aaron Skiskind .

Aaron Skiskind

“Aaron Siskind’s early work as a social documentary photographer is best seen in his contributions to the Harlem Document (1932-40), a survey of life in Harlem. Siskind also identified with the ideas and styles of the Abstract Expressionist artists in New York in the 1940s. In these later photographs he continued to emphasize the modernist concern with the flatness of the picture plane, but intensified his approach to picture making – with close-up framing, as well as emphasis on texture, line, and visual rhymes – creating abstract images of the real world.” – From: https://www.theartstory.org/artist-siskind-aaron.htm

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A photo of Barbara Kasten .

Barbara Kasten

Here is a link to a PDF article about a recent Barbara Kasten exhibition.

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Weekly Assignment

Photography at it most basic, is the capturing of light reflected off the surface of an object. In this assignment we will be paying close attention to how light and shadow interact to create shapes, patterns and forms. We can look for phenomena that occur in the world as we move through it, or we can construct our pictures from objects that we find and assemble.  10 images as part of a series.

The Instagram hashtag for this assignment is #phomag_form