Photography is Time

Daily Practice

We’re doing this every day for two weeks. Using in camera techniques and Instagram to keep a daily video diary.

Week one videos will all be without sound. Square video in Instagram each day. There is no time specification. You might want to check out superfeministgirl.

In week two you may consider other tools and use sound in your videos.

At the end of the process, we will produce a stream of videos to play on the library jumbotron.

The Instagram hashtag for this assignment is #phomag_time

Weekly Assignment

In this assignment we will consider artists such as Nan Goldin, Larry Clark, Richard Billingham, Ryan McGinley and Anna Fox among others. Students will produce a series of images of people they know well, have just recently met or strangers with their consent. This assignment can also be fulfilled by taking a series of self portraits or a combination of both yourself and others.

The Instagram hashtag for this assignment is #phomag_portrait