07 – Photography is Time


A photo of Pallavi Sen.

Pallavi Sen

‘Pallavi Sen is from Bombay, India. She works with installation, printmaking, textiles, Instagram, and intuitive movement. Current interests include inner lives of birds and animals, South Asian costumes, domestic architecture, rituals, altars, deities, bro culture, style, pattern history, toxic masculinity, friendship + love, her future lover, farming and the artist as farmer, work spaces, work tables, eco-feminism, love poems, the gates to Indian homes, walking, and cooking deliberately. She supports her work + New York rent through various jobs, projects, spaces, residencies, and schools.”

From: https://pallavi-sen.squarespace.com/about

A photo of Urban Video Project.

Urban Video Project

“Urban Video Project (UVP), a program of Light Work in partnership with the Everson Museum of Art and Onondaga County, is an outdoor architectural projection venue dedicated to the public presentation of film, video and moving image arts. It is one of few projects in the United States dedicated to ongoing public projections and adds a new chapter to Central New York’s legacy as one of the birthplaces of video art using cutting-edge technology to bring art of the highest caliber to Syracuse.”

From: https://www.urbanvideoproject.com/


A photo of Dina Kelberman - Smoke and Fire.

Dina Kelberman - Smoke and Fire

“Smoke & Fire, and previous works by Kelberman, manifest the feeling of drifting or surfing online by compiling images along lines that reflect the way we wander through information online, which can either follow or work against the way images are indexed by search engines. For instance, I’m Google (2011–ongoing) is a tumblr blog in which Kelberman compiles batches of images and videos into a stream-of-consciousness grid that moves seamlessly from one subject to the next, from uniformed workers standing in formation, to sand castles, to craters, to mountains.”

From: http://rhizome.org/art/artbase/artwork/smoke-fire/

Tutorials & Resources

Filmora is a commercial video editing app that enables free (& paid) editing and export tools for web based video and instagram.

“In this post, we share with you some of our favorite smartphone video apps for creating, designing, and editing Instagram vids that stand above the rest.” from:



Daily Practice

Using in camera editing techniques and Instagram to keep a daily video diary, we will make a series of 20 second square format video pieces designed for the “Cabell Big Screen” – Students will work to create low resolution video images that will still be readable/viewable when displayed on a low resolution imperfect screen in square format.  At the end of the process, we will produce a stream of videos to play on the library jumbotron.

The Instagram hashtag for this assignment is