08 – Photography is Physical

Adriana DeRosa is a 2019 BFA Candidate in Photography at VCUarts.  Today she is going talk about her experience with printing.  She will share her print portfolio with an emphasis on different printing styles/options.


A photo of Adriana DeRosa.

Adriana DeRosa

A photo of Marlo Pascual.

Marlo Pascual

A photo of Anouk Kruithof.

Anouk Kruithof

Tutorials & Resources


The GOlab is an on-campus service bureau dedicated to educating and empowering our students, faculty, and staff in their print production journeys.

Learn more about the GOlab.


Daily Practice

For this week’s daily practice we will create physical images in a journal/notebook. You can print out photos. You can create collages. You can do drawings. It can be a mixture of all these. Once you’ve created your physical image then photograph it and put it on instagram using the hashtag #phomag_analog

The Instagram hashtag for this assignment is