01 – Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the first week of Photography is Magic. We’ll be establishing some basic workflows and getting in the habit of taking pictures every day.

Here are notes from today’s class.

Tutorials & Resources

VCU gives all students access to lynda.com. You can login with your eID. Lynda.com has tutorials for all kinds of photo editing software as well as courses on camera phones and DSLRs.

We will be using Google Photos a place to archive our images, do basic editing and also to submit galleries of our completed projects.

Here is a quick start guide from Tom’s Guide – Not to be confused with our Tom

Here is a short HubSpot tutorial on basic phone photography tips – We will cover most of these later in class but this will be a quick start guide to getting to work on the scavenger hunt images

This is a Hive Five list by Lifehacker readers of their favorite camera apps.  What is your favorite app for phone photography?

Here are slides from our first day


Daily Practice

You helped create this list of 100 words in our first class. Your goal is to take pictures associated with these words. The more pictures, the better. All those pictures will go on Instagram under #phomag_hunt (and hashtag whatever word you’re capturing) and you’ll submit your top 10 images in a Google Photos Album (using the big red button below).
Reminder: If you don’t want all of your photo class pictures filling up your Instagram account you can create a public “Finsta” account solely associated with this class.   We will be using Google Photos as a place to archive, edit and submit our assignments.

The Instagram hashtag for this assignment is