02 – You Are What You Eat

Here are notes for today’s class. Feel free to add or comment.


A photo of Same Breakfast Project.

Same Breakfast Project

Influencer Alli Spagnola has been documenting her breakfast everyday for more than two years.

A photo of Mischer Traxler.

Mischer Traxler

Studio mischer’ traxler produced a series called Reversed Volumes from various fruits and vegitables

A photo of Laura Letinsky.

Laura Letinsky

Laura Letinsky’s project Hardly More Than Ever.

Tutorials & Resources

Here is a lynda course on Mobile Phone Photography 

Here is a iOS Camera specific course by the same instructor.

This is a fairly advanced tutorial for commercial food photography – It is way more than you need to complete this assignment but demonstrated the depth/breath of the Lynda catalog.

This is a selection of photography tutorials, starting with camera basics and moving on to editing in lightroom and Adobe Photoshop

Here is a 10 Best Photo Apps List

Here is an  iPhone camera cheat sheet

And a collection of photo cheat sheets including one of our favorite ones!



Daily Practice

This is a daily practice project where we will make at least one image a day of something food related. It could be what you have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It could be an image of some kind of food that you see everyday. It could be empty coffee cups. The idea is to figure out what you are going to photograph and then work along that theme. We will have daily practice photo projects for each unit of this course on a variety of themes. Post images on Instagram with the hashtag

The Instagram hashtag for this assignment is