05 – Alphabet Soup


A photo of Heidi Cody.

Heidi Cody

“We live in a world where children find it easy to identify brand names but difficult to identify native plants. This cultural phenomenon is highlighted by American Artist Heidi Cody‘s brand alphabet installations.”- (https://theecologist.org/2011/may/10/subvertising-billboard-ads-public-interest)

A photo of Walker Evans.

Walker Evans

“In this photograph of a highway corner in West Virginia, signs proliferate and dominate, with no visible person to read them. The gas station, the traveler’s last stop out of town, anchors the corner, a solid brick building that proudly reveals its nationalistic bent with the bold announcement that “AMERICAN GAS” is sold there.” from here

A photo of Hollis Frampton.

Hollis Frampton

This is an amazing experimental film from American avant-garde filmmaker Hollis Frampton. It begins with a dark screen and a woman narrating from The Bay State Primer, an early American grammar textbook that teaches the letters of the alphabet by using them in sentences derived from the Bible, then the rest of the film is mostly silent. It presents us with a recurring structure that perpetually moves throughout a 24-letter alphabet via various signs in New York with words that propel the film along. – From UBU Web

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Daily Practice

Letters are everywhere! Find them all! Every letter needs to be from a different location. You could choose to find the letters in nature, in the city, on campus or on the bus. This is less a daily practice project than a catch as catch can, bonus points for completing a standard us keyboard including symbols and numbers. #PhoMag_ABC

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