12 – Go Play in the Street


A photo of The Photographer's Playbook.

The Photographer's Playbook

A photo of Fraenkel Gallery .

Fraenkel Gallery

A photo of Bruce Gilden.

Bruce Gilden


Daily Practice

This is an assignment from the book “The Photographer’s Playbook” by photo educator Daniel Gordon.

Daniel Gordon
Three Assignments and a Thought

These assignments were used by Garry Winogrand with his students and were passed down from teacher to teacher, eventually making their way into my syllabus as follows:

1. Photograph someone doing something to someone else
2. Make a photograph with more than three people in the frame
3. Approach and photograph a complete stranger

As an inexperienced teacher, I started with these prompts, and then began experimenting with new assignments inspired by students ideas from class. The results were mostly positive

I keep thinking, thought, about my own experiences as a student, and I find myself wondering where and when the most meaningful learning took place. It often happened when a teacher was willing to be personal with me, and I could get a glimpse of what it might be like to be an artist. It was in these moments, far away from the structure of assignments, where I was able to take small steps, through a kind of osmosis, toward a greater understanding and appreciation of photography:

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